Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Phantom Ship

Well we did it!! We left the Canary Islands and started our journey across the Atlantic Ocean! WOOT WOOT! It's our fourth day out here, out of about a total of 20 days...hopefully. The weather has been pretty awesome with barely any waves but just enough wind. Before we left we made a ton of meals and froze them so we've had enchiladas, stew, spaghetti and tonight we are going to make fresh stir-fry. Yay!

Last night we had a bit of an interesting experience. Mom, Alex and I were watching Law and Order in the cockpit when all of a sudden our AIS started to make this god awful alarm. Sound that believe me scared the hell out of all of us. The AIS said that we were approaching Seismic Bella. Mom started freaking out and going into panic because that meant that we were approaching a boat and the only other boats out here were cargo boats so ya, you could say we were scared. I think at that point mom started going a bit delusional and started screaming Seismic Bella and then mumbling it under her breath.

At some point I called dad to come up and he took one look and all of us freaking out and said what the (I'll save you the swearing) is going on out here! With mom just mumbling Seismic Bella and starring at our AIS it took him a bit to fully recognize the situation. At that point Alex and I were scanning the horizon for any ships in the vicinity. When we heard dad say that it was probably just the AIS making a mistake.

We all basically collapsed and tried to stop our hearts from racing. We declared it the phantom ship and went back to watching Law and Order. It was the one where this guy kills this other guy for taking his taxi. Anyways that's about the most exciting it's got out here.

Till next time

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Walking Dead

Well sorry everyone for the delay on the blogs but I have just been so busy lately! We have had my birthday, Halloween, school, school and more school! Anyways we just arrived in the infamous Canary Islands after a amazing 5 day sail. The Canary Island are our jumping off point for the month long sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Before we left we decided to make teams of two to tackle the night watches. Team 1 or "A" is made up of Dad and I. Me....being the underway chef and Dad...being the sailor and we make for a great team. Team 2 or "B" is made up of Mom and Alex. Mom being very easy going which is great if you want to watch shows in the cockpit or eat potato chips and Alex being the expert sailor. Now what team do you vote for?

The sail was absolutely fantastic and we couldn't have asked for a better one before our crossing. Blue skies, 10-20 knots of wind in the exact direction we wanted it. At nights the sky was littered with stars and during the day you could bask in the sun.

We had a very interesting experience with a bird on the boat. I was in my room and had just woken up from a nap when I hear mom say with her face in my window, "ok, don't be afraid and don't move but there is a bird inside the boat." I say ok and lay back down and listen to the very interesting dialogue...

Mom: ok you boys have to go get that bird
Alex: yes. Dad come on
Dad: ok you go at it from that side and I'll go at it from this side.
Dad: The birds gone

The bird finally flew away and we all we were left with the image in our head of mom with a bird flying around her head...I'm still laughing. The salty crew has got addicted to 4 tv show. Are you ready to hear the names of the best tv shows in the world?
  • The Office
  • Community
  • Chuck
  • The walking dead
K I know that some of my family loves "The Walking Dead", so I just have to say this.... "What do you think is gonna happen now?? I mean Laurie and T-dog are dead and there is a new baby like WTH?!?" K I'm done. :-)

Anyway we made it safe and sound to the Canary Islands and finally had a shower. Hallelujah! I am very excited to explore!

Till next time

Bday Party

Well I am finally 14 and you know what that means? I CAN DRINK BEER ON SALTY GINGER!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! Mom had the day all planned out as a great surprise and I was I guess some what surprised because Alex had let the cat out of the bag the night before...

I woke up and I had a great french toast breakfast, compliments of Dad. Then Mom told me to pack my bag because we were going for a day at the spa! In our marina there is this really nice hotel with a massive hot tub, sauna and relaxing mani-pedi area. Mom, Alex and I headed over and had a very nice time swimming and sauna'ing. We even asked the people at the counter to turn on the fountains. They turned out to be very loud and annoying but you know we just had too. 

There is this really massive pool outside of the hotel that was super cold but being Canadians like we are, Alex and I could not have left without jumping into that freezing water, so we did and then it started raining so I basically got hypothermia! 

Alex and mom left and I was left in this super relaxing studio getting my nails done and a foot massage and hand massage and omg I think I fell asleep. Mom came and got me and when I got back to the boat it was all very nicely decorated and the cake was all iced and pretty! We had chicken fajitas for dinner and a great cake for dessert. I could not have asked for a better birthday! By the way thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!